perjantai 19. syyskuuta 2014

32 and 33 Weeks

I took the time to get my feet done! Finally, I bought my own "tools" to do it myself, but then I realized that it wasn't possible anymore. There's this bump between me and my feet!? I made this also a sweet bonding time for my daughter and I, she also enjoyed a mini mani and pedi :)

We bought baby clothes for the hospital, neutral ones, for fun really! We still don't know which one we're having so the colours are yellow and cream. I have a feeling it is a boy, but then it must be a girl, right? We'll see....

I've used Evernote app to plan out my hospital bag. Wonderful, checking everything off as I go. A week or so, the bag will be set to go. Just waiting for the baby to get ready.

I got the results back from the sugar test. POSITIVE!!!???? I am officially gestational diabetic, which I think is nonsense. I drank a lot of sugar during that test and my results were point 1 above the limit. My body obviously wasn't used to the sugar and was like "whoooah?!" Now, I got the gadgets and the sets and I am testing my sugar levels 4 times a day. And my levels just happen to be NORMAL. Will talk to the Dr. at my next appointment and show my results, that I am OK! I mean, I had a chocolate feast last night and my levels and ketones were spot on. I'll keep you posted.

Dreaming about the birth, waiting so patiently. Wondering how will it go...  Praying for the best, trusting the Lord. I’ve been inhaling the CCC book as much as I can. Meditating on the verses and just picturing how the birth might go. I know that anything can happen, and I don't want to plan out too much, it's all in God's hands.

I got a "push present" from hubby,  -a tablet! Now my zillion appointments won't be so overwhelming, and I can plan out the schedules and meals and just browse during my waits!

 This is what my waits usually look like, and yes, the coffee helps.

I baked lactation chocolate chip cookies. Two kinds, regular and banana dried plum, cranberry and chocolate chip ones. Smelled like I was baking with beer, but the taste is great! I'm freezing them for the hospital. And bummer, forgot to take pictures! They just look like chocolate chip cookies but a lot darker.

I'm also eating dates and prunes. This is why
Eat Date Fruit!
Yes, and this one has a recent study behind it. According to this study on ‘the effect of late pregnancy consumption of date fruit on labour and delivery’:
“We set out to investigate the effect of date fruit (phoenix dactylifera) consumption on labour parameters and delivery outcomes… 69 women consumed six date fruits per day for 4 weeks prior to their estimated date of delivery, compared with 45 women who consumed none… The women who consumed date fruit:
  • Had significantly higher mean cervical dilatation upon admission compared with the non-date fruit consumers (3.52 cm vs 2.02 cm, p < 0.0005)
  • Had a significantly higher proportion of intact membranes (83% vs 60%, p = 0.007).
  • Spontaneous labour occurred in 96% of those who consumed dates, compared with 79% women in the non-date fruit consumers (p = 0.024).
  • Use of prostin/oxytocin (for inducing/augmenting labour) was significantly lower in women who consumed dates (28%), compared with the non-date fruit consumers (47%) (p = 0.036).
  • The mean latent phase of the first stage of labour was shorter in women who consumed date fruit compared with the non-date fruit consumers (510 min vs 906 min, p = 0.044).
It is concluded that the consumption of date fruit in the last 4 weeks before labour significantly reduced the need for induction and augmentation of labour, and produced a more favourable, but non-significant, delivery outcome. The results warrant a randomised controlled trial."

I'm doing well, despite lower back, pelvis and hip ache. Saw my osteopath but unfortunately this time around it didn't work as well as I would've hoped for. Stretching with hubby at nights has already helped a lot. 

It seems to become a tradition that my very sweet, sweet, friend from Finland, helps me prepare for birth by sending me this oil,


I think that this oil has a lot to do with the fact that I can have big babies (10lb-11lb/4.3-5kg) without tearing. Really.

I found these two really yummy recipes while I waited for my son to finish up his appointment with the orthodontist, - I still want to share them with you!

We bought a new car seat, even though we have 3 perfectly fine infant seats in the garage, that have nothing wrong with them, they've never been in an accident and look spanking new. However, these car seats are doomed to go to the dump. The law in Canada is s.t.u.p.i.d about car seats. I don't even want to go into details with their "monopoly", but all I will say, it's silly. And I'm putting that nicely.

Loving my new foam rollers, I can sleep in them with comfort! Now my selfie looks even better with some locks.

Sept 9th was our last scan, baby was the "wrong"  way around,  the scan picture was the cutest.. 


Isn't she/he cute?! Sweet little baby, I LOVE YOU!!!!! I cannot wait to meet you!!!! You have your daddy's chin!